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Abdullah Informed of US New Scheme on Afghan Peace

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KABUL: The High Council for National Reconciliation says that the US has suggested a new roadmap for the Afghan peace process. Chairman of the Council, Abdullah Abdullah discussed the US new roadmap for the Afghan peace process with US deputy chief of mission in Kabul, Ian J. McCary.

Abdullah’s office in a statement on Saturday said that both sides stressed on finding a political solution for the Afghan war.

There are some unconfirmed reports about the US new scheme for the Afghan peace process amid the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad’s visit to Afghanistan and a number of regional countries to discuss the progress made in the Afghan peace process.

The scheme, which consisted of ten pages, includes the formation of transitional government.

Hasht-e-Subh Daily reported about the scheme which includes several scenarios for the formation of a translation government as: “three independent and equal forces, parliament, legislative and executive – High Court and Local Courts”. According to a source a high council of Islamic Regulation and a Commission of Modification of Constitution would be formed under the scheme.

Some sources said that a conference with the presence of top Afghan politicians would be held in Turkey if the government and Taliban agreed on the scheme. The summit would be similar to the Bonn-conference in 2001.

Khalilzad traveled to Doha this week after he met with some top Afghan officials, discussing the coming steps in the peace process.

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