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Abdullah joins presidency runners in opposing govt. continuation

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KABUL: Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah who is also running for September presidential polls, says that President Ghani should observe constitution.

He said Friday that article 61 of the constitution has clarified “even the final day of president’s job”.

The constitution says that May 22 of the fifth year is the end working day of the president. A number of presidential candidates and politicians demand President Ghani to step aside, calling the continuation of his work as “illegal”.

President Ghani says in response that he was authorized by the Supreme Court as the only body interpreting the constitution to go on as president until a new leader comes after the presidential polls.

Abdullah said he agreed with parts of candidates’ concerns” over the continuation of government.

He said that the constitution had clarified the end work day of president and also the date of presidential elections before president’s term is over.

The constitution says that presidential elections should be held 30 to 60 days before the end of the government.

The chief executive has also hoped that neither of candidates use government sources for their personal campaign, a refer to President Ghani who is in power and may misuse these sources.

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