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Abdullah optimistic to Taliban power-sharing

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KABUL: Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah says that Kabul was ready to hold talks with Taliban militants, adding that if an agreement reached on peace, the power would be likely shared with the insurgents.

“We need to learn to accept each other’s differences including ideological differences and have a peaceful co-existence and to politically struggle for our beliefs,” said Abdullah, who fought Taliban for several years.

He said that the US people and government were looking for a peace deal after 19 years’ military presence in Afghanistan. But he said that Washington was not seeking peace at any cost.

Abdullah rejected Taliban’s refusal for talks with Ghani administration. “The negotiations on Afghanistan future have not yet begun, the US and Taliban are talking on the ceasefire and intra-Afghan talks. Fortunately, Taliban have accepted to negotiate with the people of Afghanistan.”

The US and Taliban are busy in the sixth round of talks over Afghanistan peace in Qatar, after an intra-Afghan dialogue failed to be held in the Persian Gulf state.

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