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Abdullah reacts to MP’s remarks on Ahmad Shah Massoud

AT-KABUL: The country’s Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has slammed a Wolesi Jirga member for his unpopular remarks on National Hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud, who is widely famous for his fight against the former Soviet Union’s occupation and resistance against the black and unauthorized regime of Taliban.

Chairing the Council of Ministers session here in Kabul on Monday, Abdullah said the late Ahmad Shah Massoud has been nationally and internationally recognized as hero of the country.

“Afghan nation should respect the sacrifices of all Afghans who have laid their lives for the sake of the country,” Abdullah emphasized on all—across the board.

It happens at a time when a Wolesi Jirga or the Lower House of the Parliament, Obaidullah Barekzai, had earlier said on the floor that Ahmad Shah Massoud is only hero for the Panjshir province.

The MP claimed that Ahmad Shah Massoud had fought only for the safety of Panjshir province and not for other parts of the country.

Moreover, the chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami and ousted governor of Balkh province Atta Mohammad Noor on Sunday also came hard over the MP’s against his recent remarks on Ahmad Massoud.

In a gathering of his supporters in Balkh province, Noor said Massoud had fought against all invaders and thousands of insurgents who were exported to the country to fight the Afghans.

In the meantime, the deputy speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, Mohammad Alam Izadyar also reacted to the remarks by MP on the national hero.

The deputy speaker highlighted the growing controversies and divergences on the new census law that sparked divisions among the different ethnic and political groups and said mentioning the name of the national hero in connection to ethnic controversies totally goes against the national interests.

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