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Abdullah says differences ‘partly’ resolved with Taliban

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the reconciliation council says that the Afghan government-appointed delegation and Taliban negotiating team have managed to partly solve their differences over the Jaafari-Hanafi religious jurisprudence.

Taliban’s contact group had earlier insisted that the Hanafi (Sunni Muslim) should be considered as the only source when they face differences during the negotiations. They said that Jaafari (Shiite Muslims) jurisprudence would be discussed in meetings on the next constitution. Shiite Muslims make up 20 per cent of Afghanistan’s population.

Abdullah said Friday that “one of the obstructions before the speedy progress in the talks was resolved.

Meanwhile, Assadullah Saadati, deputy chairman of the reconciliation council said that Taliban negotiators have been convinced on a logical and reasonable solution.

“What the media outlets had reported before, has been now amended and Taliban have been convinced on a logical and reasonable solution,” Saadati said.

However, he warned that Afghanistan would never gain peace if religious, political, ethnic and lingual realities are tried to be omitted and denied.

Taliban and Afghan delegations are working to shape an agenda for the main talks since September 12, when the negotiations began in Qatar.

The US envoy for Afghanista Zalmay Khalilzad had earlier said that the two sides had agreed on 20 issues.

Abdullah went to Pakistan this week where he discussed Afghan peace process and Islamabad’s role in meetings with Pakistani President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

He said at the end of his three-day visit that he had brought a “good message” from Pakistan.

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