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Abdullah says some countries play ‘dual games’ in fight on terror

AT-KABUL: The chief executive of the national unity government, Abdullah Abdullah accused “some countries” of dual games in fight against terrorism, saying this would be in “nobody’s interest”.

He did not mention any particular country, but said the states that were not honest regarding Afghan peace and fight with terrorism, would gain nothing.

Pakistan is the only country that Afghan officials have repeatedly accused of sheltering and supporting terrorist groups to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

“Each country that honestly cooperates in this section (peace process) is confirmed by Afghanistan and the world community. But dual games have never given results and unfortunately causes more instability,” Abdullah briefed reporters on Tuesday.

The US secretary of state and army chief are expected to visit Islamabad today (Wednesday) to talk to new Pakistani authorities on the fight against extremism.

Kabul has repeatedly accused Islamabad of not being honest in struggle with terrorism, an allegation rejected by Pakistani officials.

The US government announced this week the cut of 300 million dollar aids to Pakistani military because of what it said Pakistan’s dishonest works in struggle against terrorism.

“The US should talk to Pakistani officials clearly. It should ask Islamabad that what does Afghan war mean? Who is the enemy? What is the next mechanism for peace and what will be Pakistan’s role in that?” said political analyst Khadem Entezar.

He accused the US of tactically dealing with Pakistan, saying a strategic change between Washington and Islamabad would be important for Afghanistan.

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