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Abdullah to Mohib: Pay attention to your words

AT News report

Kabul: Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has criticized National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib for his anti-Khalilzad remarks, advising him to pay attention to what he says.

He called the US as Afghanistan’s strategic partner. “Our relations with our international colleagues require more attention in our statements and this is clear that the United States of America is our most important ally,” he said Friday.

Mohib accused the US diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad of trying to form and lead an interim government in Afghanistan, saying that Khalilzad wants to gain power and that’s why he keeps negotiations with Taliban secret.

The US state department summoned Mohib who was there when he spoke against Khalilzad, warning that his attack on Khalilzad was in fact an attack on the US.

“Our under secretary of state spoke with Mohib for three hours to inform him unhappiness of the government of the United States. We consult with President Ghani and his government over any issues regarding peace that means our efforts are coordinated,” said Robert Palladino, deputy spokesman of the US state department.

Afghan politicians also stood against Mohib with Din Mohammad Jorrat, a political figure saying: “Look, this is a scandal that the US state department has summoned our National Security Advisor and told him that his words were irresponsible and an insult.”

Sadeq Modabber, another political figure said: “This is a matter of concern. The government of Afghanistan is worried and Mohib doesn’t receive reports about what’s going on Qatar talks.”

But the office of National Security Council rejects reports regarding summon of Mohib, saying he met with US officials in the state department as part of his visit plan already arranged.

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