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Abdullah wants ‘sexual allegations’ be investigated

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KABUL: Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah calls for an investigation to find if allegations regarding sexual issues inside the presidential palace are true.

Abdullah addressed a cabinet weekly session on Monday that “something could have happened”, referring to the sexual scandal accusations.

On Sunday, media outlets quoted two of President Ghani’s former advisers, claiming that officials in the palace demand sexual affairs for women appointed in senior positions.

Habib Ahmadzai, former adviser to President Ghani and ex-military general claimed in a conversation with a TV channel that “some ministers, president’s advisers and parliament members have hands in prostitution”. He accused a number of female lawmakers of winning elections “based on affairs”.

Abdullah said he would not judge the issue, but emphasized that “the solution should not be to punish those who have conveyed the message”. Abdullah urged the issue should be independently investigated to assure the people and prevent the government’s reputation from being harmed.

Haroon Chakhansuri, a spokesman to President Ghani, denied accusations made by Ahmadzai as “lie and baseless”, saying that he would be asked for evidences through judiciary.

Mariam Wardak is another claimant who confirms Ahmadzai’s words. Ms. Wardak who has worked also as one of advisers in the presidential palace, has told an Indian broadcaster that the allegations were true.

The allegations have caused doubt among the people regarding women’s safety in government offices, especially inside the presidential palace.

Chakhansuri said that the issue would be “seriously investigated” and would be shared with the people.

Samira Sadat, one of the ladies working in presidential palace rejects allegations by Mariam Wardak. “As a newcomer woman to the presidential palace, I would like to say that Ms. Mariam is forever ashamed for women who work here,” said Ms. Sadat.

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