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Abdullah: We won’t stay silent to Taliban

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of Afghanistan’s peace council, on Wednesday said that people will not stay silent against Taliban as they continue to encroach towards main cities amid escalating violence.

Addressing the sixth meeting of the leadership committee of the High Council of National Reconciliation, he said foreign forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan and the war has intensified.

“Our delegation is in Doha with a will for peace. But the Taliban are intensifying the fighting instead of negotiating,” he said.

Abdullah reckoned Afghan people are becoming more doubtful about Taliban’s intention for peace, and this suspicion has intensified as the war escalates.

He stressed that nobody is in favor of war, but “we cannot remain silent in the face of this situation”. Dr. Abdullah emphasized that his position at the helm of peace council “doesn’t mean that we remain indifferent in the war”.

“Our people are losing their property and their lives. It is clear that we want peace in our hearts and there is no better way than peace. But it is not enough. Peace is a two-way interaction. The other side must also show their real will for peace. War has reached the gates of cities and we must understand this fact and not be indifferent to it,” he said.

He stressed that the Taliban should not think that the withdrawal of foreign forces has created an opportunity for them to rise to power by force.

Referring to the Afghan delegation’s visit to the United States, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said the US message was clear. “They said they supported the Afghan security forces and forces. But they called for political consensus and a serious and honest fight against corruption.”

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