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Academic year begins in tropical areas without reopening of girls’ schools

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Kabul: The new academic year of 1401 started yesterday in tropical provinces of Afghanistan while schools for female students in grade 7-12 remain closed around the country.

In the session that were held for this purpose, the speakers expressed their satisfaction with the new beginning of the academic year and said that learning is mandatory and it is necessary to make efforts in this field.

The speakers said that teachers play a key and essential role in the education of students and asked the citizens to encourage their children to religious and national ideas for the development of their country and their new system.

The speakers asked the leadership of the Ministry of Education to make more efforts in the field of education for the students of tropical Provinces.

Meanwhile, in a new initiative in Samkani district of Paktia province, school gates have been opened for girls above the sixth grade.

Maulvi Khaliqyar Ahmadzai, the head of information and culture of Paktia province, has confirmed in a conversation with the media that schools for girls above the sixth grade have been reopened in Gardiz, the capital, and Samkani district of the province.

The secondary school for girls are banned since Taliban came to power and calls for its reopening have been futile so far.

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