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Action against Pakistan sought for harboring terrorists

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Wearing military uniform to support the Afghan security forces, a women’s rights activist Shukria Serat Walizada urged the United Nations Security Council to prevent Pakistan from supporting terrorism and destabilizing Afghanistan.

Condemning Pakistan for harboring Afghan Taliban, Walizada staged a sit-in on Friday in Shahr-e-Naw Park in the capital city, Kabul. The sit-in is aimed to mobilize people and prod the UN to stop Pakistan from facilitating the militants.

The recent terror wave had taken lives of several innocent Afghans and left many injured, she said, adding that Afghans should raise their voices as there is no end in sight to the meddling of Islamabad in Afghan affairs.

She said that relations with Pakistan should come to an end and agents of ISI should be removed from the Afghan government to improve law and order situation in the country. Walizada urged the UN to break its silence and prevent Pakistan from creating problems for Afghanistan.

Scores of civil society activists and members of the Kabul provincial council came out to support Walizada. They said the sit-in would boost morale of the security forces.

Recently, President Ashraf Ghani said that Pakistan should shut offices of the Taliban, eliminate their safe havens, should not treat the injured militants in their hospitals, and bring the killers of Afghans to the court of justice.

President Ghani said that regional and global political players are well-aware of the wholeheartedly efforts of the Afghan government that were aimed to bring stability and peace. He went on to say that decisions taken by Islamabad in the coming weeks would determine future of the Afghan-Pak relations.

“The security of our people and the national interests of Afghanistan lay the basis of our relationship with Pakistan. We can no longer tolerate to see our people bleeding in a war exported and imposed on us from outside. We hoped for peace, but war is declared against us from Pakistani territory; this in fact puts into a display a clear hostility against a neighboring country,” he said.

The president made it clear that Kabul would not approach Islamabad for peace anymore to bring the insurgents to the table of negotiations but would ask Pakistan to take action against the Taliban. He said the time was ripe for Pakistan to use force against Afghan insurgents as it did against Pakistani militants after attack on an army-run school in Peshawar.

He said that if Pakistani government does not do so then the Afghan government got many options available on the table.

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