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Activists urge officials to support vulnerable women

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: Scores of women activists and youth on Sunday came out on the streets in Kabul, the capital city, to celebrate the “International Women‘s Day” in a different way and help the needy women.

These activists harped sources to celebrate “International Women‘s Day” in luxury hotels and halls by governmental and non-governmental organs with the participants of high-ranking male and female officials. According to them, the culture of symbolic celebration has to be ended and rather the expenses should be utilized in the best manner to help the needy women.

“Today we have taken to the streets to celebrate this day in different way by helping the real needy women in Kabul,” Husna Sadat, women and children advocator told Afghanistan Times.

“No significant attention has been paid to those women who work on the streets with their children, particularly during 8th of March – a day where different types of gatherings would be convened to help them,” she added.

We have to help these women, she said, ruling out luxury celebrations that benefits no body.

We are here to congratulate these women on this day, she said. “We give them gifts to admire their work.” She said that their program to admire streets women would be continued beyond 8th of March.

Women must be part of any future decision, she said. “I call upon the government not to ignore role of women during upcoming intra-Afghan talks as it form 50 percent of the society.”

Another Women Activist, Taranom Sayedi said that the streets women had likely ignored and never enjoy or celebrated the 8th of March.

“Women who are working in parliament, governmental organs and ministries are not the only one, we must not forget about those women working on the streets.”

A female athlete, Raisa Sadat harped over symbolic celebration of women’s day in luxury hotels. “We can financial help poor women if spend the allocate money of celebrations to them.”

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