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Afghan achievements should be maintained in peace talks: Achakzai

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KABUL: A Pashtoon leader urges that achievements gained by Afghan people and government in the past 18 years, should be fully protected during the peace negotiations.

Leader of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awamai Party (PMAP) Mahmood Khan Achakzai told BBC Pashto that a nation who has fought for 40 years to gain its freedom, has the right that its independence be guaranteed by the world.

He asked the US, Taliban, political leaders and all Afghan parties to provide opportunity for intra-Afghan negotiations.

“The US has come here by its own wish and has also some achievements. But it should be mentioned that Afghans’ achievements should be maintained during the peace negotiations and the Islamic Republic should be preserved,” Achakzai said in an interview with the BBC Pashto in his office in Peshawar.

Achakzai added that all the leaders including Taliban should ask the foreigners not to interfere in Afghanistan’s independence, territorial integrity and governance.

“International community should guarantee that the neighboring countries of Afghanistan will not meddle in its affairs.”

“Who supports the current war? Where are the fighters treated? Surely Afghanistan’s neighbors have hands here.

He said that Pakistan’s positive and negative roles are clear. “Each country that accepts Afghanistan’s independence, needs to respect its sovereignty whether it is Pakistan or any other state.”

He emphasized that the Durand Line has divided Pashtoons, but said that it was not fair to create problems over the Line.

Achakzai slammed Pakistan for not respecting Pashtoons’ rights and kill Pashtoon and Baloch leaders systematically.

He also said that Pakistan army and intelligence try to control the issues which is illegal.

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