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Afghan Army Commander says, peace everyone’s demand

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KABUL: As the United States and Taliban are working to end the 19-year long war in Afghanistan and make a peace deal, Afghan army is fighting the militants in different fronts.

What will army say if a peace is dealt with the Taliban?

Hamed Saifi, a prominent army commander who fights against the insurgent group in the northern province of Faryab, says: “The Almighty God has mentioned peace and importance in the Holy Quran. Peace is the will of all of us, but what I feel against the Taliban, I would like to leave it for the day of peace.”

He said Monday that the country’s history would never forgive Taliban for their crimes.

“The crimes against civilians who are martyred at the marketplaces, cities, happiness ceremonies and their homes, will never be forgotten and forgiven by the history,” Saifi said.

Taliban Spokesman, Sohail Shahin has recently said that they would likely finalize a peace deal with Washington. But the government of Afghanistan is looking for direct talks with the group.

Saifi emphasized that the soldiers’ sacrifices, values and achievements should not be ignored after peace.

“If they (Taliban) accept the constitution and abandon war, we don’t mind. But if they come and violate the law and restart fighting, we will be ready to fight them,” said Tamim, another army soldier who is serving in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

Army soldiers are emphasizing that Taliban should stop war and join the peace process.

“I call on the Taliban to respect the Afghan constitution and abandon killing of people. If they lay down their arms and surrender to the constitution, the national army has no problem with them,” said Shah Alam, an army officer in the northeastern areas.

The government has frequently said it would not deal Afghan security forces in peace negotiations.

President Ashraf Ghani had already said that security forces would continue fighting insurgents until peace is achieved.

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