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Afghan Army Frees 28 People from Taliban Captivity

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KABUL: The national army soldiers managed to free 28 people held in a Taliban prison in Logar province, ministry of defense said.

The ministry said Tuesday in a statement that the prisoners were freed during an operation launched by the army in the Charkh district.

Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman at the defense ministry, said that 15 of the prisoners were civilians and another seven were members of security and defense forces.

He said that all civilian released from Taliban prison are the residents of Charkh district who had been held there for several months.

Aman said that Afghan soldiers also seized a great deal of weapons and munitions in Taliban sanctuaries.

The insurgent group did not immediately comment.

The ministry of defense had said last week that two Taliban prisons were broken during an army operation in the districts of Nahr-e-Seraj and Washer of Helmand province. It said that 40 people including civilians were released from the prisons.

The government accuses Taliban of torturing the people they hold in prison, calling it against all human and Islamic principle and human rights.

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