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Afghan entrepreneurs participate in China trade fair

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KABUL: Fifty Afghan businessmen, accompanied by a delegation from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, joined the 7th South Asia-China Import and Export Exhibition. The event showcased Afghan products and services through booths set up by these entrepreneurs. According to Khan Mohammad Sarfraz, a representative of the Chamber, the exhibition provided a platform for networking and display. Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy Prime Minister, highlighted the significance of such events in fostering closer ties among regional nations and boosting trade prospects. He also stressed the importance of supporting the economy through government initiatives. Kabir also noted the progress in economic and trade relations between Afghanistan and China, underscoring China’s role in aiding Afghanistan’s economy during times of political transition. Despite changes in leadership, Afghanistan’s trade ties with China remain strong, including exports like pine nuts. Notably, China has maintained an operational embassy in Kabul and engaged in commercial agreements with the current Afghan government, including collaboration on oil extraction projects in the Amu Darya region.

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