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Afghan climbers scale Paghman Mountain in Kabul

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KABUL: A team of Afghan climbers have scaled the Paghman Mountain before reaching a summit in Shakardara during a one-day expedition, covering five kilometers distance in central Kabul province.

The Afghanistan Climbing and Mountaineering Federation while offering felicitations to these young mountaineers said efforts were on to further flourish this sport in Afghanistan. A group of nine youngsters climbed more than 5,000 meters and spent the night on the summit of the mountain.

However, some of these mountaineers cited insecurity as one of the major stumbling blocks for sports, especially mountaineering, in Afghanistan.

They said Afghanistan was the best place for climbing mountains and they were seeking to promote this healthy sport.

Masood Amiri, one of the mountaineers, said reaching the peak of the mountain was a pleasant and amusing experience for him. “Fortunately, we were able to complete the journey in 24 hours and spent the night at a special pool between Paghman Mountain and Shakardara.”

The Afghanistan Climbing and Mountaineering Federation was established in 2012 and since then the federation has won multiple international prizes.

Ahmad Romal, technical deputy at the federation, told Radio Azadi that his organization was in pursuit of portraying the unseen image of Afghanistan to the world by promoting this sport. “We want to turn mountaineering a source of income for those people who are living in mountains and villages.”

Insecurity and lack of necessary equipment are cited as serious challenges facing this amazing sport. Afghan mountaineers believe that if these bottlenecks are overcome, they would go beyond Paghman peaks and conquer the tallest summits of the world as well.

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