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Afghan Defense ministry to collect unnecessary check posts

AT-KABUL- Afghan Ministry of Defense is working on a plan to collect unnecessary check posts in nonstrategic areas of the country and to resemble them in large bases and outposts.

Asadullah Khalid, Acting Deference Minister in a press briefing on Thursday explained the ministry will dissolve all the unnecessary check posts which are deployed in non-strategic and less important areas of the country, particularly in remote and rural areas of the country.

The collected check posts will be reassembled in the shape of big bases and outposts to be capable of defending its self and conducting maneuver in its surrounding areas.

Khalid said in some areas the check posts had been deployed unprofessionally and even based on personal reasons which have increased the vulnerability of the deployed army members against the enemy attacks.

The new move from one side will increase defensive capabilities of the security forces in other hand will gave them an upper hand to go outside their bases and to chase and hit the militants in their hideouts.

He said the plan is mostly hitched to be implemented in rural and remote areas of the country not in secure, urban and strategically important areas.

He also remembered the reforms in the ministry of defense that will bring more transparency in the units and related organs of the ministry.

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