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Afghan delegation creating hurdles in peace talks; Taliban

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KABUL: The Taliban negotiation team has accused the government delegation of making hurdles in the intra-Afghan talks. The Kabul peace team has been accused of deliberately creating hurdles in a bid to prolong the process.

A member of the Taliban negotiation team, Khairullah Khairkhwa said the Kabul government peace team had shared topics with the media outlets that are yet to be agreed on.

“They broke the agreements, they forced us to explain the issues,” he added. “They leaked the issues outside, talked about it and made falsifications; it was not as they said.”

He said that the government started propagandas and that it brings mistrust on the process. “We have a big goal which is to solve the issue of Afghanistan, not to share every word outside,” he said. “This is a confrontation, different proposal will be offered but not every proposal is worth to be discussed outside the negotiations and make falsifications about it.”

If the government didn’t accept the US deal with the Taliban, the group said that negotiations with the Kabul delegation would be unbeneficial and waste of time.

“We tell them that we haven’t sit on talks even for once in the past and that now as we sit for talks with you (government negotiators), it should be based on this deal,” he added.

He said that the government delegation emphasized on exclusion of the US-Taliban peace deal during the intra-Afghan negotiations.

The group also denied its link with other terrorists groups in the region and said that it has decreased the level of violence as it has not launch spring operation. It has been nearly two weeks that Afghan peace team and the Taliban negotiating members are in Doha and failed to find a common ground on the agenda and clear the rules and regulations to kick start the talks.

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