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Afghan Factories Exported 1,800 tons Paper Abroad

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KABUL: The two Afghan paper factories have exported over 1,800 tons of paper within the past three overseas, the officials said.

The export of paper made by these companies will be continued. 

 The factories are the Bahir Companies Group and Paktia Paper.  

However, the traders complained about lack of enough electricity and restriction in banking system.

 “There are electricity problems and also the transition of money to other countries to purchase raw materials (is a problem),” said Naveed Hakimi, a member of the Bahir Companies Group.  

The products have been exported via Hairatan to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian nations as well as Turkey.

This comes as Afghanistan currently facing a severe economic meltdown with the country’s central bank assets remaining frozen by the US and allies after the Islamic Emirate swept into power.

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