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Afghan Female Journalists Face Unemployment and Information Barriers

AT Kabul: The “Afghan Women Journalists Association” has released survey findings detailing the status of female journalists in Afghanistan over the past two years. The report highlights that a majority of women journalists have experienced challenges, leading to many becoming housebound during this period.

Over 200 female journalists and media personnel from both the capital and provinces participated in the survey, sharing insights into the difficulties they have faced in the wake of recent changes. The survey aimed to assess the current status of women journalists and explore potential solutions to overcome the challenges they encounter.

During a press conference in Kabul, Mina Habib, a representative of the organization, disclosed the survey results. She emphasized that the presence of female journalists in the media has significantly declined since the collapse of the Republic system. Notably, many female journalists have become housebound, and some have even left the country.

Key findings from the survey include:

Unemployment: 45% of female journalists identified unemployment as their most significant challenge in continuing their work.

Poverty: 5% expressed concerns about poverty affecting their ability to work.

Access to Information: 10% highlighted the lack of access to information as a serious obstacle.

Job Insecurity and Personal Safety: 7% of female media employees expressed concerns about job insecurity and personal safety.

The survey sheds light on the multifaceted challenges faced by female journalists in Afghanistan, emphasizing the need for targeted interventions and support to address unemployment, poverty, and access to information. The findings underscore the importance of ensuring a conducive environment for female journalists to thrive and contribute to the media landscape.

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