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Afghan forces fighting terrorism on behalf of all humanity: Nicholson

AT-KABUL: The US Gen. John Nicholson on Saturday has said the US-led NATO and Afghan forces have been fighting terrorism on behalf of all humanity and war on terror has to be won as failure is no option after the new US strategy on South Asia.

Gen. Nicholson, the commander of the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan in his address on the occasion of transformational ceremony of border police force from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Defense, said all terrorist outfits would be defeated at all costs for the sole purpose to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan and to secure humanity in the region and around the globe.

He welcomed the transformation of Afghan border police force from ministry of interior to the ministry of defense, terming it a positive move.

Commending the bravery, patriotism and commitment of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), he said, “We are seeing reduction in casualties in Afghanistan.”

The Afghan government and the US have been engaged in fight against corruption in the country to ensure transparency and justice for all, adding the soldiers and police personnel are now reporting corruption cases in security wings which is a good sign-leads us towards eradication of corruption.

Referring to the border police force he said, “You are transforming into offensive fighting forces.”

Following President Ashraf Ghani twits, Gen. Nicholson added the size of Special Forces is going to be doubled to make them undefeatable against the enemies, adding the ANDSF are highly respectable and professional forces in the region.

“The size of Air Force will also be tripled and Afghan pilots to fly the Black Hawks have been trained and more are under training,” he noted.

“We are seeing changes and will make Afghan Air Forces as one of the best air force in the region,” he pledged.

Commenting on the US and Afghan forces joint operation against the drug factories of Taliban in Helmand province he said, the US and Afghan forces have successfully destroyed $50 million worth drugs which was one among main financial resources of Taliban, adding the US-led NATO and Afghan forces are going after Taliban wherever they exist.

Taking offensive position against all terrorist outfits he warned, “We will take the fight to enemy wherever they are. We will destroy Daesh and we will defeat terror. And in the face of this, the enemy has no choice but to enter into peace process or die.”

He further went on saying that Taliban could not reach their notorious goals, as the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior have adopted war-winning strategies, exerting military pressure on Taliban.

In addition to that, he said the ongoing diplomatic and social pressure against Taliban inside and outside the country has pushed Taliban to choose reconciliation to live in irrelevance or to die.

Highlighting the US and the International Community’s strong support to Afghanistan he said, “The United States and the entire international community are with Afghanistan and its people.”

He further added the war-hit Afghanistan and its people deserve peace and stability, as the country and the Afghan people had been suffered greater as a result of war since long time.

He said Afghanistan being a front line state in war on terror has been fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world and that’s why the United States and the International Community stand in strongest solidarity, unity and the state to state alliance would be continued until the job is done.

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