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Afghan forces launch offensive in Helmand as Taliban-declared cease fire ends

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KABUL: The Afghan army reported of offensives in the south and southwest of the country especially in Helmand province as a three-day cease fire declared by Taliban militants ended early Sunday.

The army’s Maiwand Corps in the south, said in a statement that the operations were going on at the western parts of Lashkar Gah city, the provincial capital as well as in the districts of Nawa and Nahr-e-Seraj.

“20 Taliban terrorists including Hussaini, the group’s military in charge for Marja district, were killed in the past 10 hours. Another 13 terrorists were wounded,” the statement said.

It said that the Afghan soldiers also damaged a Taliban’s weapon cache and a bomb-making factory.

President Ashraf Ghani recently ordered army to continue operations against Taliban if the insurgents did not agree to prolong cease fire.

Taliban who first declared cease fire for the Eid days, have reportedly refused demands for extending the truce.

Conflicts are intensifying between Afghan military and the Taliban amid the hasty US and other NATO-member states’ withdrawal.

The United States has vowed to pull all its 2,500 soldiers out of Afghanistan by September 11 after 20 years of presence in the country under the pretext of war on terror.

Civilians have been the most victims of the war in the past two decades and the number of civilian casualties has dramatically jumped since the beginning of 2021.

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