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Afghan Govt expressed concern over Trump’s Jerusalem decision

AT-KABUL- The National Unity government expressed its “deep concerns” over US president, Donald Trump’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and said the decision hurt feelings of the entire Muslim world and puts the peace efforts in middle east in danger.

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan taking in account the deep concerns of its Muslim nation and Islamic world has already shared its deep concerns with the US leadership regarding the recognition of Jerusalem-as capital of Israel- and relocation of the US embassy to this city” presidential palace said in a statement.

Kabul believes Trump’s decision has “harmed” feelings of the Muslim world and put the peace process of the Middle East in “danger” by recognizing Baitul Muqaddas as capital of Israel.

“Any unilateral move in this regard without involvement of Palestine will not have fruitful results to end up in durable solution in the region” presidential palace said, adding that the Afghan government will continue to support the “legitimate right” of the Palestine for having a sovereign state.

Kabul suggests the issue of Baitul Muqaddas as the first Qibla of the Muslims must be addressed in light of international laws and United Nation resolutions and warned that unilateral decisions cannot put end to the crisis in the region.

The Chief Executive of the country, Abdullah Abdullah appeared at a live press conference on Thursday with a “clear” stance to say “Afghanistan cannot be agreed with such a decision” of the United States in which the Israel is allowed to “deprive” the Palestinians of their “legitimate right” of living in peace and having an independent state. Abdullah says such decision kill any “hope for peace” in the Middle East.

Abdullah says the peace in Middle East is not only bound to Palestine but is linked to global peace and Afghanistan will continue to support the two state solution for Palestine-Israel unrests.

“This decision doesn’t not help establishment of peace in Middle East” Afghan government will support the international effort on the two state solution” he said.

Afghan Jihadi leaders, Sibghatullah Mujadidi and Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf, also criticized Trump’s decision as “irreversible big mistakes” that will increase crisis in Middle East instead of bringing peace for the people in Palestine.


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