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Afghan govt failed to resolve problems: AGA

By Basir Qazizada

KABUL: The Afghanistan Governors’ Association (AGA) mostly made of the former provincial governors on Wednesday expressed concerns over the failure of the National Unity Government (NUG) in delivering to the promises.

The (AGA) members said that they would chalk out new plan to overcome the current problems as the government failed to resolve it.

“Disputes between NUG leaders over dividing positions, inattention to hold parliamentary election, and growing of insecurity due to weakness of the related officials, are the clear signs of the failure of the NUG throughout the country,” Abdul Jabber Taqwa, Head of Afghanistan Governors’ Association told newsmen.

Addressing a press conference titled “seeking solution for the crisis in Afghanistan”, Taqwa hinted over different kind of corruption in governmental posts such as illegal action, haring of unprofessional figures, violating of law, unemployment, poverty, and the prevention of brain drain another signs of weakness of the government.

Moreover, he said that unpopularity of government among people and politicians, mistrust of the masses over the government and the fall of various areas to the Taliban’s hand are another example of the NUG failure.

“The two leaders of NUG, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah failed to ensure good government,” he said, terming the structure of NUG an entirely wrong.

“Due to failure of translating their promises into action, the Afghan masses become furious against the government.”

He added that the government failed to implement NUG deal signed between two leaders during past two years.

He added that the AGA left with no other option but to suggest Afghan masses, political and Jehadi figures to take part in the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) in a bid to adopt a comprehensive decision to rescue country form the current crisis.

He warned that country would face greater challenges, if the government remained inattentive. Furthermore he want on say: “Due to weakness of the government some key provinces were fall to Taliban.”

The former Kabul governor said that unfortunately, 300 soldiers and civilians are losing their lives on daily basis. “This trend is not acceptable for us and for whole Afghan people”.

Pointing to peace process, Taqwa said that due to dishonesty, seeking privileges, and other challenges, peace process did not beard any result.

Furthermore, the Association asked the US to protect people by maintaining peace in Afghanistan.

“Taking into account the sensitive situation of the country, we call upon all embassy’s here in Kabul, to stop interfering into internal affairs of the country, he said.

“We continue talks with political figures and important organs and also present them draft strategy, in order to find out specific plans until 15 September.

“If these political leaders accepted our strategy, before 19 September, which would be the last day of the NUG, we will announce our draft strategy,” he said.

Furthermore, he asked the people to be united and raise their voice for reforms.

“If the government and people keep neglecting challenges, the country will go toward bigger crisis,” the governor warned.




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