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Afghan leaders, and peace talk members are praying for the peace to be prevailed in the country.

“It is our duty to end war”

AT News Report

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani held talks with the members of the Afghan delegation comprise of all segments of Afghan society at Presideswntial Palace on Wednesday. The 25-member delegation will hold talks with Taliban negotiation members in Qatar on April 20 with core aim of reaching a sustainable peace.

“You will embark on a peace mission for which the nation has waited for last forty years,” President Ghani told the delegation, while a number of influential figures, including former President Hamid Karzai, Head of High Peace Council (HPC) Mohammad Karim Khalili, Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish, key Jihadi leaders and head of Afghanistan’s legislative and executive bodies were present. He said that delegation is on an important mission which is a dignified peace.

“It is not about you and us. We all have to be united. Our historic achievements and our current achievement and our common achievement is a goal which we want to determine it for our next generations,” TOLOnews quoted Ghani as saying in a statement, while urged unity among Afghans on national issues including peace. 
“Every day we witness bloodsheds, suicide, explosions, and bombardments which have harmed our people mentally and psychologically,” he said. 

“The key to removing the disappointment is in our hand, so let’s get together and accept each other,” he said amid waves of criticisms over the structure of the Qatar delegation. 
“As a sovereign nation, we will take the decisions based on the will of God and the nation,” he said. “The present opportunity indicates that proper platform is created in the national, regional and international levels.”  

At the same gathering, Afghan politicians and former Jihadi leaders expressed their hope that the upcoming intra-Afghan meeting will help to restore lasting peace in the country.

Former President Hamid Karzai said “today is a great pleasure that our efforts and determination are for peace. There is no greater hope for the people of Afghanistan than peace.”

Former President called on delegation to make all-out efforts to find a way to peace during talks with the Taliban. “It is our duty to end the war.”

Among those expressing their hopes over a positive outcome of Qatar talks were former Jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, Head of High Peace Council Mohammad Karim Khalili and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah. 

Abdullah said that all Afghans want peace, but the majority of the people in the country are neve willing return to the dark area of past. 

Sayyaf said that he hopes that the meeting in Doha will lead to ending the ongoing war and restoration of longstanding peace, TOLONews quoted him as saying. He called on the Taliban to attend the meeting with the intention of reforms so that the war is ended in the country. Khalili, meanwhile, said that the war is not the solution in the country. 

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