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Afghan leaders are forging a comprehensive peace plan: Ex-official

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KABUL: The Afghan leaders have been engaged in forging a comprehensive and single peace plan to galvanize the process of peace talks and also feasible and comprehensible in facilitating Afghan-to-Afghan talks once peace deal is brokered between the United States and the Taliban, said a former government official on Sunday.

“Since one month, peace sessions were on the move in the house of former President Hamid Karzai and on Saturday Mohammad Mohaqiq, Deputy of Chief Executive, hosted the talks in his house,” Shahzada Massoud, a former advisor to ex-President Hamid Karzai told Afghanistan Times. The peace meetings and discussions will continue, the ex-advisor added.

“Prominent political leaders and influential figures are part of discussions to forge a comprehensive and single peace plan.”

According to him, “there are several peace plans, but a single one to meet the demands of all segment of the society and also represent them in the best manner is the need of the hour.” 

He hoped the presidential palace to also join them in their quest for peace. “We want the government to be part of this peace plan, and also to form a national team to carry the peace talks with the Taliban.”

We should not waste the time and immediately sit in talks with the Taliban after US-Taliban peace deal, he added. 

In a meeting with some political leaders, former President Karzai said they were to form a peace outline to represent all the people of Afghanistan. Abdullah Abdullah, who runs for presidency, welcomed the step, saying that nobody should hamper peace plan.

The participants also argued that reduction in violence meant decrease of war, saying that nobody should make bumps before peace efforts and intra-Afghan negotiations with the excuse of ceasefire.

It is good to assent on ceasefire – a demand the Afghan government lingering on – but reduction of violence is also a great opportunity for trust building, the ex-official Massoud said.

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