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Afghan Leaders Call for United Position on US Peace Plan

Afghan leaders held meeting under the leadership committee of the High Council for National Reconciliation

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, head of reconciliation council calls on the Afghan political leaders to adopt a single position on a peace plan recently offered by the United States that urges an interim government to replace Ghani administration.

He said Sunday at the council’s meeting that people’s demand and the republic system should be clarified.

The reconciliation council discussed the US plan on the interim government in their Sunday meeting. The participants called peace important and said they would welcome any measure toward peace.

They emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was firmly intent for the success of a dignified and lasting peace.

The reconciliation council also discussed the upcoming regional and international meetings on peace for Afghanistan, emphasizing that honest efforts and support from the region and the world could guarantee the success of peace in Afghanistan.

The US envoy for Afghan peace, Zalmay Khalilzad offered the interim government plan to President Ghani in his visit to Kabul. Ghani strongly opposed the interim administration offer, saying he would only hand the power to a person who succeeds him via a presidential election in 2025.

Two meetings are expected to be held in Moscow and Ankara in the coming weeks with the participation of foreign ministers from regional countries to convene Afghan war parties agree on a cease fire and a lasting peace.

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