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Afghan minister blames Taliban for Logar deadly bombing

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KABUL: Mohammad Qassem Halimi, minister for hajj and religious affairs severely criticized Taliban for destructive activities including the Friday car bombing in Logar province.

“These enemies of the religion carry out suicide attacks at the iftar time (evening time to breaking fast). Which religion is this? Which jihad is thi? Is destroying the bridges jihad? Is rocket firing jihad?” Halimi said Sunday.

Taliban did not claim responsibility for Logar attack that killed 26 and wounded more than 100 mostly civilians.

But it is blamed on Taliban by the Afghan officials including President Ghani’s National Security Adviser Hamdullah Moheb who claimed that explosives were brought from Pakistan. “This is no more a secret and the entire world knows that Taliban bring explosives from Pakistan to kills Afghans and destroy Afghanistan,” Moheb said.
The situation is worsening in different parts of the country while the US-led foreign troops have begun leaving Afghanistan after 20 years of invasion.

Abdullah Abdullah, head of reconciliation council calls the foreign withdrawal as “challenging”. “We need a peaceful and inclusive agreement,” he told the Associated Press.

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