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Afghan negotiators happy with first agreement in Taliban talks

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KABUL: The first agreement Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams reached on the procedure of the intra-Afghan talks, has sparked optimism among the government delegation who hope this could be the first step to take Afghanistan to lasting peace.

A member of the government peace negotiation team, Fawzia Koofi hopes for a peaceful Afghanistan after an agreement has been reported between the government and Taliban peace delegations.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera English, Koofi highlighted the ongoing security challenges in Afghanistan.

“The only hope for the only time we get a positive vibe to continue the extremely challenging job we have,” Koofi said, “is the fact that we think of the moments that we could set in a car, drive across Afghanistan, and enjoy the beauty, without the fear of being shot.”

She underlined the women rights in Afghanistan, saying that setting across the table and talking about the same interests with the insurgents is a great achievement for women.

“The life for the women of Afghanistan regardless of where they work, which position they hold or they are at home is not an easy life, she said. “Even to be in a negotiation table was not easy.”

Koofi is one of the top women activists in Afghanistan, who has also served as the representative of Badakhshan at the lower house of the parliament. In August this year, Koofi survived an armed attack carried out by the unknown gunmen in Qarabagh district of Kabul.

She was nominated for the noble peace prize by the Norwegian Peace Council for her tremendous efforts in development of women rights in Afghanistan. The Afghan government and as well as some foreign human rights watchdogs welcomed her nomination for the noble peace prize.

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