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Afghan peace has become ‘proxy effort’

“ISI agents in the system must be confronted,” ex-NDS head Rahmatullah Nabil says. “Discrimination, corruption and injustice have reached their peak.”

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KABUL: Former spy chief, Rahmatullah Nabil criticized disagreements between President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation, saying that discrimination, corruption and injustice have hit the peaks. He also talked about Durand Line which a deal has been made and led to the employment of the agents of the ISI (Pakistani military intelligence) within the Afghan system. Employees of intelligence agencies of the regional countries are being employed in the government, he said.  

Referring to President Ashraf Ghani’s stance towards Pakistani military’s fencing; Nabil said if a deal was not made on the Durand Line, why the government didn’t share details about its fencing with the people. Talking to reporters on Saturday in Kabul, Nabil said that some countries and figures were abusing the peace process for their political and economical interests. The Afghan peace process has now turned into proxies of the foreign countries, like the war has turned.

He said that Islamabad has been given a veto on the Afghan peace process but there was discussion about the Taliban and other terrorist groups’ sanctuaries in Pakistan.

“No one can oppose the peace process but also no deal is acceptable on peace,” he added.

After six months from the US and Taliban peace deal, Nabil suggested that Alexandra Bain, son of the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, would be appointed as head of a company that works on mines’ extractions with 40 billion investment.

He said that other countries are at helm on Afghan peace. “Foreign countries are taking decisions about the peace in Afghanistan, and it also becomes another proxy.”

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