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Afghan peace talks suspends after Kabul University attack

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KABUL: The intra-Afghan negotiations were temporarily stopped amid some developments in Kabul and Washington. The Kabul University came under terrorist attack on Monday that killed more than 20 students. One day after the attack, the US presidential elections began. These two major events caused a delay in the peace negotiations between Afghanistan and Taliban delegations.

The peace negotiations have been underway in the Persian Gulf’s Arab state of Qatar now for 56 days, but nothing hopeful has been yet gained.

Taliban denied reports over having hands in the Kabul University attack, but the government of Afghanistan also blames the attack on the militant group.

The US elections is another cause that paused the intra-Afghan talks as the presidential race has attracted the world attention.

Some political analysts believe that the new government in Washington would stop Afghan peace process, while others say that some changes would happen in the negotiations.

Taliban have accelerated attacks on different areas since the peace talks began. Right now, the provinces of Kandahar, Helmand and Kunduz are in the flames of war.

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