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Afghan products’ expo: traders are tired of government’s pledges

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Traders participated in the Afghan products’ exhibition on Thursday criticized Afghan government for hollow pledges regarding domestic products support. They said the domestic products need government’s support to not only eliminate poverty, but also to improve security.

“Lack of government support is the main challenge for Afghan domestic products development, thus it is required of relevant organs to support Afghan national products and help national producers to move toward development,” Said Deputy Afghan Entrepreneurs Board Rahmudin Hajji Agha.

Addressing two-day domestic products exhibition in Bagh-e-Babor, he said that in order to help domestic products, the government must reduce custom tariffs and taxes over national products.

“In order to eliminate poverty, jobless and even overcome with the ongoing war, the government should support domestic products and pave ground for economic progress.”

He insisted that today’s war is economic war not military conflict, so domestic products must be supported.

The number of neighboring countries attempting to hinder Afghan domestic products’ development, even efforts hold to explode factories, he claimed.

He urged all Afghans to support domestic products and use homemade goods.

He came up with an example said that “currently only 71 medicine producing factory is active in the country, which product medicine with high quality.

Deputy Head of Afghanistan’s Industrial Association, Abdul JabbarSafai concerning lack of support from domestic products by the government, said that “beside security government should work for economic growth to reach to the target.”

He rejected propagandas that Afghan product quality is low, adding that each Afghan products including medicine is better than Pakistan’s products.

He ensured people of better Afghan products quality and urged all people to use homemade products in order to embarking toward self-reliance in future

It is pertained to mention that the aforementioned Afghan products-exhibition was organized by Afghan traders in joint cooperation with Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) and Clark Advertising and Marketing Company at the objective to boost up Afghan products’ market across the country.

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