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Afghan refugees still stranded in the Abu Dhabi camp


Kabul: The United Arab Emirates officials, in a meeting with the Afghan refugees in the Abu Dhabi camp, said that they will close the center for the next three months, but the American embassy has not yet made a specific promise about speeding up the refugee process and settling them.

Until now, most of the refugees from the Abu Dhabi camp have been resettled in the United States or Canada.

The possibility of closing the Abu Dhabi camp could be the end of the wandering and resettlement of these refugees, who have protested several times in the past year in protest against their fate.

According to Foreign Policy, 2,800 Afghan refugees are still stranded in the Abu Dhabi camp. Most of these people are civil servants, former soldiers, judges, and journalists.

These refugees said about their difficult situation that their children can’t go to school, they can’t leave the camp themselves, and they don’t know about the decision that will be made for their future. One of these refugees said that during the Covid restrictions, they could not even leave the room and see the sun.

Compared to Abu Dhabi, the situation of refugees taken to Albania is better reported. Refugees in Albania have access to health services and a relatively luxurious place to live, and the thousand people who remain in this country will be transferred to America by June next year.

Canada has accepted a thousand refugees from the Abu Dhabi camp in this country and is ready to accept another 500 people. The rest of these people will most likely settle in the United States.

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