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Afghan sage discovers Coronavirus medicine

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KABUL: Abdul Hakim Alokozai, an Afghan sage claims that he has discovered drugs that can treat the patients infected with the Coronavirus within 30 minutes with taking only three drops of the liquid medicine.

Alokozai said that around 300 covid19 infected patients have recovered after taking some special drugs made by him. He said that he had been working as sage for more than 25 years.

Alokozai said that he had shared the issue with the Public Health Ministry, but received no response, accusing the health officials of ignorance.

The medicine containing of some special liquid and is giving at least three drops to the patients, he added.

Many of the doctors, who were first teasing his work, Alokozai said they are now taking his medicine to combat the virus.

“I go to the patients without mask and gloves and give them my drugs and surely can say they will get better within 30 minutes.”

Alokozai has challenged the doctors, saying that coronavirus cannot infect him if he takes the medicine made by him. 

A medical doctor, Sardar Mohammad Hamdard, who believes Alokzai’s work, said that the government should put a search on the issue instead of ignoring it.

Donya Sadiqi, a covid-19 patient who has taken the medicines, said that she took three drops of the drug with a cup of tea. “The drugs appeared working on my body within 15 minutes after taking it, she claimed. “After taking three drops of medicine, I am felling very well now.”

Alokozai said that his drugs are not posing any harm to the body, as it has been a sage and prophetic medicine with no side affect.

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