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Afghan scientists make ventilator to help covid-19 patients

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KABUL: Afghan Scientists at Kabul Medical University (Abu Ali Ibn-e-Sina) have succeeded to make ventilator with the available materials in the country’s markets to help covid-19 patients. Doctors will use ventilator for the coronavirus patients with critical condition.

The in charge scientists are capable of making one ventilator in every other three days, said the ministry of higher education.

The Afghan made ventilator has been cost 30,000 Afs, while the device is sold around 30,000 US dollars in the world markets, which makes a significant discount in the price for the country, as it is facing a fragile economy amid an unstable security. 

This is as Afghanistan is said to be lacking enough medical stuff and devices to combat the pandemic coronavirus. According to health officials, the ventilators are playing a key role in protection of covid-19’s affected person, as the patients are struggling with Asthma if the virus reaches out to the lungs.

Afghanistan has recorded 2,469 coronavirus cases as of May 1st with 331 recoveries and 73 dead.

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