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Afghan Students on scholarships lack access to travel

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KABUL: Students, who succeeded on overseas scholarship are stranded and unable to attend educational semesters due to the closure of the passport department and suspension of the international flights.

The students said that they need to renew their passports and travel documents but the government offices have remained closed for more than one month.

An Afghan student, Najibullah Aryamehr, who has succeeded in a scholarship of business and administration, said that he had not been able to travel to attend the class due to Covid-19’s lockdowns and closure of borders.

“No one hears our voices. We have serious problems,” Aryamehr added.

According to these students, classes have already started and there is an urgent need for passports. Over 2,000 Afghan students have purportedly received educational scholarships to Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. In the past two decades, over 40,000 Afghan students graduated from overseas colleges as part of the educational scholarship provided by foreign countries to Afghanistan.

The government said that tremendous efforts were underway to find a solution to the students’ problems.

“There is a need for professional youth. We plan to recruit them. No one will remain unemployed,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister for culture and information.

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