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Afghan UN Mission to Convene all Afghan Talks

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KABUL: The Chargé d’Affaires of the Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Naseer Ahmad Faiq said that the Afghan mission is working on an initiative to “convene Afghans from all walks of life inside and outside Afghanistan to find a practical solution for the Afghan crisis.”
The gathering will include Afghans from all walks of life inside and outside Afghanistan who are credible, peace-loving, and committed to unity, sovereignty, prosperity and the national interests of Afghanistan, according to Faiq.  
According to Faiq, the move is aimed at “finding practical solutions to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan 2) to facilitate the initiation of an intra-Afghan dialogue with reliable & committed Afghans and finally 3) to help facilitate and mobilize all Afghan and international efforts in achieving a permanent peace, stability, and prosperity in Afghanistan.”  
Meanwhile, analysts said that the meeting should be attended by influential political figures in order to be effective.  
“Any political movement in any place of the world which is aiming to break the political deadlock and result in the formation of an inclusive government which is acceptable for all and brings a political and permanent stability in Afghanistan will be welcomed by the Afghans,” said Mahmood Raghi, a former diplomat. 
“The representatives who participate in this conference should be represented by all tribes and political parties and especially women should be present to raise their voice and share their problems,” said Gulalai Akbari, a former senator.  
The Islamic Emirate said the acting government will not allow anyone to interfere in the current Afghan situation.  
“Now is the time for the people who are living abroad to return to the country, the Islamic Emirate has an open heart for them, thus they can live a calm life.

The people of Afghanistan will not give any chance to anyone to cause insecurity and face the country with another problem,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.
On Thursday,  the UN Security Council held a conference on Afghanistan, in which they voiced concerns over the human rights and women’s rights situation in the country.  

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