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Afghan war’s outlook behind clouds of ambiguity

Afghan war’s posture still unclear after 18-year US military involvement

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KABUL: The US invaded Afghanistan militarily 18 years ago on October 7th and the outlook of this war is still behind the clouds of ambiguity. The current and previous governments admit that Afghanistan was not able to properly use the US presence, thinking that the long prolonging would be a defeat for the US.

The US came to Afghanistan with this war which is considered Washington’s longest war.

This war has cost at least 800 billion dollars cost for the US, which has suffered the loss of 2,500 soldiers, while 150,000 Afghan security forces have been also killed.

The US entering of Afghanistan with billions of dollars sparked hopes among Afghans, but mismanagement of the aids and prolonging of war are strongly blamed.

“The peace talks is now an opportunity for us and we need to be vigilant how to use it,” said Abdul Karim Khorram, chief of staff for the former president Hamid Karzai.

The US has spent 115 billion dollars only for the reconstruction of Afghanistan in the past 18 years, but still 54 per cent of Afghans live in poverty and vulnerability.

Rahmatollah, a Kabul resident says his total income reaches to 100 Afs (less than two dollars) a day. He says the US presence did not put a positive impact on his life.

“I work here from the early dawn to late in the evening, but my earning is very little. I make an amount by which I can buy bread,” said Rahmatollah, a shoe polisher in Kabul.

Children are also part of the 18 year war victims, with four millions of them remaining deprived from education.

“It is estimated that 20 million children wake up with the fear of losing their lives, parts of their bodies or members of their families,” said Maryam Attaiee from Afghan Children Fund.

“We don’t have independence, this country is really invaded and we are living under an invasion,” said Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a member of Hezb-e-Islami.

Political Activist, Nazar Mohammad Motmaen also says: “Our children are burning in the flames of war for 18 years.”

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