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Afghan women call for ceasefire

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KABUL: The Afghan Women’s Network, a social body working on women’s rights, call on the government and Taliban to hold a ceasefire, calling Taliban fighters as their compatriots. Women have been the most critics of Taliban who banned them from going to school and work outside house during their six-year rule (1996-2001).

Hundreds of members of the Afghan Women’s Network and Civil Society gathered in Kabul to say that they were fed up with the long time war and cannot tolerate the death of their children.

“I have a question to Taliban. Several women including I have been harmed by war. Don’t you have wives, mothers and sister? You respectful Taliban fighter, are my compatriot, so listen to the voice of a mother,” said one of the participants.

Sima Samar, head of the independent human rights commission, said that Afghans do not want the war enter its fifth decade.

“We are killed and our people are killed in the 41-year long war. Women have given more sacrifices in this war. So, we the Afghan women demand an urgent and unconditional ceasefire. The war continuing just increases killings and revenges,” said Ms. Samar.

Taliban negotiators are expected to hold the sixth session with US diplomats in Qatar to discuss ways to peace in Afghanistan.

“We want the government and Taliban to pave the ground for a just and lasting peace through negotiations. We want a durable peace in which every Afghan participates,” said Wida, a participant of the women’s gathering.

The second round of intra-Afghan dialogue planned to be held in Qatar last Friday, was called of after the governments of Afghanistan and Qatar failed to agree on the participants.

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