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Afghan women call for immediate ceasefire

Abdul Rahman Habibzui

KABUL: Afghan women urge for an immediate ceasefire and end the ongoing war in the country.

Zuhra Ahmadzai, head of women commission in the High Council for National Reconciliation said Tuesday that the commission was working on a plan to ensure permanent cease fire and sustainable peace to preserve women’s rights in the country.

The peace negotiations held between the Afghan delegation and Taliban in Doha have less progress as both sides are engaged into mutual recriminations, while violence has sharply intensified across the country.

The council chairman, Abdullah Abdullah said that the existence of the commission was essential under the leadership of the council to rise the voices of the Afghan women in the peace process. “Women have severely suffered from the longest conflicts in the country for the past four decades,” he added.

Abdullah also expressed concerns on surge in targeted-killings of professional figures in the country, saying that the findings revealed that the Taliban are involved in the assassinations.

Afghan officials accuse the Taliban of “not willing” to engage into negotiations to reach a breakthrough on a ceasefire and peace. But the Taliban blames the Kabul administration for creating obstacles on the path to peace, saying that the group would agree on peace if the incumbent President Ashraf Ghani stepped down from office.

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