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Afghan women in pitiable life condition

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KABUL: June 13 is the International Mother’s Day. This day is marked universally and people in Afghanistan also celebrate it. But women in Afghanistan live in pitiable condition and are facing with numerous personal and social problems. Some of mothers here even do not know about the Mother’s Day.

The Flower Street in Kabul is the hangout of those who buy gifts for different occasions including the Mother’s Day.

On Saturday, June 13, a large number of people visited the area and took gifts for their mothers, mother in laws and others who want to congratulate the day for them.

The quarantine due to Corona virus could not obstruct them from visiting the Flower Street and buy gifts for their mothers.

“I am here to buy flowers for my mother to wish her a happy Mother’s Day,” said Morsal, a young lady holding a bouquet.

“I want to congratulate this day to my mother and all mothers through radio. I want to buy some roses for my mother,” said Selsela, another young lady in the Flower Street.

The mothers who have spent their lives for raising their children, are happy seeing them with flowers and other gifts.

Narges is one of these mothers. She is at the Flower Streets accompanied by two of her daughters. “As a mother, I am feeling happy. It is Mother’s Day and I am a mother and a daughter of a mother. I am buying flowers for my mother and my daughters are buying something for me.”

But Nazanin is one of mothers who do not know about Mother’s Day. She is baker and makes livelihood from the hot oven that threatens her eyes.

Nazanin has six children and her husband was killed.

“I don’t know about Mother’s Day. I bake bread to make money for my children. My husband was martyred and I live in a rental house.”

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