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Afghan Women, Including Robotics Team Leader, Receive Courage Award in Germany

AT Kabul: Roya Mahboob, leader of the Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team and a pioneering entrepreneur, has been honored with the Courage Award, also known as the Axel Springer Award, by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Germany. This prestigious award is presented annually to human rights advocates across various fields.

The Courage Award is a significant recognition of the resilience and determination of Afghan women, particularly at a time when the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan have been curtailed since the Taliban’s return to power. The award acknowledges the efforts and courage of Afghan women who continue to advocate for their fundamental rights despite challenging circumstances.

Women activists and advocates for women’s rights in Afghanistan have been vocal in demanding their rights through protests and international appeals. The award ceremony comes against the backdrop of increased violence against women in Afghanistan, with women’s movements highlighting the urgent need for global attention to address gender-based challenges in the country.

Despite the constraints faced by women in Afghanistan, this recognition reflects the achievements and contributions of Afghan women in various fields, showcasing their resilience and commitment to making a positive impact. The Courage Award serves as a symbol of international acknowledgment of the courage displayed by Afghan women in advocating for their rights and contributing to positive change.

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