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Afghan women to finally break social taboos

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KABUL: With the issue of Afghan society which is considered a misogynist and patriarchic have brought up the Afghan women into a gridlock, and really looking toward ending the social taboos against them. 

The patriotic society has yet to over the challenges of force and early marriage, family violence and lack of women’s access to education. These issues pose sever tragedy as there are several cases of attempting suicides due to men’s empowerment and women’s forbidden as most females treated with less freedom and rights.  

Authorities in northern Badghis province said Tuesday that a young girl, who was forced to marriage a man, had committed suicide, using an AK-47 to end her tough life and go for a forever sleep.

The incident occurred in Robat village of Quds district, said Najmuddin Burhani Provincial Governor’s Spokesperson. The area is under control of the Taliban—a group known as worst in regards to women who barred Afghan women and girls from going to schools, workplaces and other social activities.

Investigations have been kicked off to find more details and bring the culprits to the justice.

Many cases of force and early marriages take place in areas under control of the Taliban, but no follow-up due to resections and lack of access.

On the same day in Afghanistan’s western Herat province, a female security force, which was on the rank of Afghan National Police, was attacked by her son. “The woman was beaten to dead by axe,” said police spokesman, Abdulahad Wallizada. According to him, the incident took place in PD 11th of capital city.

To protect murdered women’s privacy, the spokesperson didn’t provide further details, saying that the police had launched investigation. “The killer had fled the area.”

Herat is a slightly stable province in western Afghanistan. But recently the provincial women’s rights commission had expressed concerns about the threatened comments cited against women by a religious scholar in the province.

The Afghan women activists had recently called on the government to preserve women’s rights and freedom in the ongoing peace talks with the Taliban. Taliban during their regime had imposed drastic restrictions against women.

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