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Afghan youths mature enough today

By Mohammad Ihsan Panjshiri

KABUL: Undoubtedly, the youths are considered as the keen and active part of a society, and are the most sensitive against any move or phenomenon that can bring any change in their circumstance. The youth wants to know about the secrets of the vital moves and changes in the country,and is eager to play an important rolein regards.

Election is one of the vital phenomenons and national process, in which the youths want to be involved and play a proper role. Indeed, through these latest years, the youths had appeared as the influential figures in the vitalnational process, and played theirimportant role in every time.

It means that now’s youths are not sensitive, inexperienced and naïve like beforeto follow the foreigners and let themselves, their thoughts, ideas and power be guided andabuse by the alliance.

One of the honors of the current moment is that we have a generation, who are not gullible and unknown to be cheated by the aliens and their plans, especially the Pakistani intelligence  to use these youths as an instrument to pose victimizing to the Afghan mass. These youths are keener and smarter than before and care about their homeland, and are not neglected about the vital national issues. The experts believe that pushingAfghanistan to one or two decades back is impossible as the youths now are more educated, aware and intelligent.

As long as the election is being called an important process, the youths should attend in it and make their decision with cautious.The youths should even aware their families about the importance of the election on the future fate of the citizens. Election is not a simple process and it has never been a simple opportunity becausethe citizens make the decision about their destiny and we have the responsibility to make our future. The Afghan mass is not considered as the nation before, whose destiny was determining by theindividuals or groups. People are the sources of power and the governmental officials are the servants of the citizens.

So the youths should not neglect and ignore their responsibility and must not forget their role and influence about the destiny of their people and country.

The youths, especially those, who are educated and experienced should come into the scene and play their positive role in the historic moment of the country.

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