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Afghanistan borders face intelligence, military threats: Minister

AT-KABUL: The borders of Afghanistan are vulnerable and are facing the intelligence and military threats, an official claimed on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, our borders face intelligence and military threats and the issues create challenges for the people who live across the border,” said Abdul Ghafur Liwal, deputy minister for borders and tribal affairs.

He said that the intelligence and security threats are the serious challenges influencing the borders of the country.

“So far, the Durand Line face with intelligence and security dangers and the security forces foil majority of the threats and they are standing to defend such threats,” Liwal said.

He added that the borders had turned to the center of the drug smugglers and the criminals due to lack of attention of the neighboring countries.

Afghanistan shares borders with six countries and mostly suffers threats in Pakistan border which is the longest line.

“During the seasonal raining, the Amu (the Oxus) and Helmand rivers bordering Tajikistan and Iran destroy their Afghan-side banks and we lose two kilometer squares of lands as the result of floods in the mentioned areas,” Liwal mentioned.

He asked the government to take practical measures to maintain the security of the borders and strengthening the river margins against floods.

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