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Afghanistan builds kitchen gardens for 30,000 women

KABUL: The Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) has built this year over 30,000 kitchen gardens for impoverished women in order to bolster economic status of vulnerable women across the country.

Aiming empowerment of poor women and creating food safety among families, the MAIL has established kitchen garden green houses through the supporting programs across the country, which covered thousands families, said a statement issued by MAIL.

Spokesman for MAIL Akbar Rustami said that 30350 kitchen gardens has established for 30350 needy women this year.

He said that 800  milk-goats has distributed to 400 women in Kabul, Urzgan, Paktia and Kunar as well as 600 boxes of honey bee distributed to 300 women and 110 milk-cows 110 women.

Also 21 kinds of food process machinery have been distributed to 800 women, he added.

Mr. Rustami said that 1030 small green houses constructed for 1030 women this year as well as 14 process houses established for the women. 

Also out of 145,000 created job opportunities, 80 percent belonged to the women, he added.

Women have played crucial rule in food safety and growing of saffron across the country.

The MAIL also has inaugurated two center of dairy process in Kabul and Balkh provinces with the capacity of processing 46,000 liters milk daily. Also the ministry established a honey process factory in Khost province.

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