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“Afghanistan can be cooperation center between US, Russia”

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KABUL: Afghanistan can turn into a center of cooperation between two powerful rivals (United States and Russia), that are now competing in the war-hit country, Western media say.

The National Interest Daily Newspaper wrote Monday in an article that Washington and Moscow were fighting on the Syrian war, Iran’s atomic controversies, Ukraine problems and a treaty on their weapon control.

It said that Moscow and Washington had conflicting opinions on Afghanistan in the past and supported rivalry groups, but now they have common interests and concerns.

“The Afghanistan long war has a potential that could bring these two rival states closer,” the article read.

It added that American people were tired of war in Afghanistan that claims their loved ones and billions of dollars of their property, and want a peaceful solution for this crisis.

It said that Russia sees continuing war in Afghanistan as a danger for security of itself and its neighbors in the Central Asia.

The article reads that Moscow and Washington have understood this point and their recent diplomatic efforts indicate that they want to cooperate with each other in Afghanistan.

“The United States needs to look at Russia’s efforts with open eyes. Maybe some people in the Trump administration are doubtful that Russia wants to hinder their diplomatic efforts over Afghan peace,” it said.

It concludes with welcoming US-Russia-China recent meeting on Afghanistan as a good beginning.

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