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Afghanistan can draw lessons from Colombia peace talks

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KABUL: The government of Columbia and the country’s militia group called Farc reached a peace settlement in 2016 after half a century fighting.

Experts suggest that the peace accord in the Latin America state can be a good inspiration for the war parties in Afghanistan since many common points are found in two countries’ problems.

The long war, drug trafficking and foreign interference are the common problems the two nations are experiencing.

Roya Rahmani, Afghan Ambassador to Washington, said that a full trust needs for a real peace. She pointed to the recent fighting in Helmand province, urging that trust will not be made if violence is used for peace negotiations.

An American analyst said that peace agreement in Columbia sends a message to Afghanistan that peace is possible.

“Columbia and Afghanistan are both complicated nations and have given many sacrifices. Millions of people became war victims in Columbia and the society faces a post-crisis trauma,” the analyst said.

Sandra Ramirez, a Columbian senator and former member of Farc, said that Afghanistan and Columbia have the same problem and that is the warlords.

She said that war victims were focused in the Columbia peace accord, adding that a political will is needed to fulfill promises.

Ms. Sandra said that the Columbian negotiators agreed to return farmlands to rural people, build trust, make political partnership for democracy, reduce of verbal violence against each other, cease fire and changing the insurgents to political party.

Meddling of Columbia’s neighbors was another key to the problems. Bogota managed to make a consensus from its neighbors to bring peace.

This could be important in Afghanistan affairs too.

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