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Afghanistan denies Pakistan allegations over terrorist havens

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan has denied allegations of Pakistan that terrorists had sanctuaries within the Afghan soil. Afghan authorities said on Monday that terrorists havens were based in Pakistan.

The ministry of defense said Monday that Taliban’s Quetta council, Haqqani network, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are inside Pakistan.

Pakistan’s army chief of staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa has recently claimed that the terrorist groups’ sanctuaries are in Afghan soil, while other officials had earlier admitted that Taliban and other terrorist groups had safe havens in Pakistan.

Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the defense ministry said that Pakistan is worried and tries to convert the attention of the international community to Afghanistan.

“Pakistan is seriously under the pressure by the US and NATO-member countries that want to include it in their black list. These pressures have worried Pakistan, it is clear that all the sanctuaries of the terrorist groups are in Pakistani soil,” Waziri said.

He added that the international coalition knows now that Pakistan is the main problem.

Bajwa said in the Munich Security Conference that Pakistan had defeated Taliban, al-Qaeda and Jamaatul Ahrar. “But the threats from Afghan side towards us is still firm”.

He claimed that 123 of 130 terrorist attacks in Pakistan were planned in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foreign minister Khwaja Asef has said that India was behind the attacks organized in Afghanistan against Pakistan. He said that their eastern enemy (India) was threatening their western borders.

Military analyst, Gul Nabi Ahmadzai said that Pakistan was trying to introduce Afghanistan guilty in the terrorism issue.

“They (Pakistanis) send delegation to Kabul, but are lobbying with the world and accuse Afghanistan. In my opinion, the leaders of terrorist groups are supported by Pakistan officials and are transported by Pakistani military vehicles.”

He added that Afghanistan handed over key evidences to the world regarding Pakistan’s involvement in terrorist activities and Islamabad’s allegations were not acceptable.

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